You Will Not See These Two Actors Again In Avengers 4

You must have watched the Avengers movie, the film with which tells of this superhero is indeed a success in the whole world. In fact, in 2019 there will be Avengers 4 which is being awaited by many people. However, you are certainly curious about the reviews of the previous Avengers movie. You can see it in ShowBox. Not only the news, but you can also find out the rating of the film.

Unfortunately, in the next Avengers movie, there will be several actors who will no longer participate.

1. Chriss Pratt
According to news circulating, Pratt will also leave Marvel after the film Guardian of The Galaxy Vol. 3 releases. This year Pratt is still participating in the film production process. Quoted from, although his contract with Marvel runs out this year, Pratt still wants to negotiate again for an extension of his contract.

2. Mark Ruffalo
He will leave Marvel after the movie Avengers 4 was released. Just like Chris Pratt, Mark still wants to consider extending his contract with Marvel for upcoming superhero films.