The Signs For Resign And Seek New Job

Finding a job is easy and simple. Waiting for interviews until the decision of a local company to accept us, can sometimes make us impatient. If you are interested in sending job applications through the internet, then visit our website. Just like you, many people out there are seeking a new job although they are still working.

However, when we have been accepted into a company and try to adapt to the environment, it turns out that there is something that is an obstacle that must be faced. Indeed this is life, there is always a process to strive for success. If each of these signs appears, there seems to be a need to consider writing a job resign letter to your boss as soon as possible and of course already preparing various risks to find a new job.

Always Want To Go Home Quickly

It is rare for workers who think that Monday is the day they are waiting for when the weekend is over. You must often hear the word “I hate Monday”. Or maybe you yourself often say or think like that? Just imagine it’s not just Monday, but every working day is the thing you don’t like the most and when you’re in the office, you always watch the clock and want to go home quickly.

Working only for a routine

When there is no passion for doing work. We assume the work is only limited to carrying out obligations, which is important to work without any targets to be achieved. Even doing work with no enthusiasm at all to improve performance. This is an indication that you need to rethink your compatibility with the work you are doing and find another job that is suitable.

Employment Not in accordance with the Study Program Even Passion

If you are a person who likes to work behind the desk and does not like to meet directly with people, but at work, you are required to always face other people and market products, such as marketing, so it seems you are in a zone that is not in accordance with your personality.