Steps Before Installing the AC in the House

Air conditioning (air conditioner) or air conditioning has become a major requirement in a dwelling aircon installation Singapore. Although it causes swelling of electricity usage, it seems a comfort to live is more important to most people today. No wonder the air conditioner from various trademarks is always selling well. Then, how to choose the right air conditioner so that it is comfortable to live in and electricity expenditure is not too wasteful. Check out the following tips from . Check the power and electrical installation in your home, including when the first starting occurs the AC is turned on. If the age of an electrical installation is over 10 years, you should call a more skilled electrician to check it. The electrical power needed to turn on an AC is large enough to fear overload of cables that can cause shorting.

If you have extra resources, try to remember on purchasing an AC inverter. More effective AC inverters are applied for contained areas. Or, place where there is not much movement in and outside of people. While non-inverter AC is efficient if the PK calculation and temperature settings are correct. Non-inverter air conditioners are highly recommended for rooms that are often open because the compressor works the same without any increase in wattage (power). If the space to be installed by AC has ventilation/windows, close the ventilation hole with cardboard/plastic to increase AC efficiency. Do not expose the air conditioner above the door and the length of the pipe from the indoor to outdoor unit should not exceed 15 meters.

Choose AC that has health features for the body, such as plasma filters, plasmacluster, plus master and nanoe-g. These features can prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi even though not all of these bacteria die, at least 85% of the space is sterile from bacteria and viruses. This is especially important for those of you who have small children. In addition, select AC that has a flat panel that matches the design of your space. You can also choose other features to suit your needs. Choice of type, model and brand according to your needs.