Recognize Four Types of Flowers That Are Very Suitable For Wedding Buckets

You surely know that there are various types of flowers that you can choose and you arrange into buckets for each event or your happy day. One event that definitely requires a flower bucket is marriage. A ramos de flores really influences the appearance of the bride. This makes the flower bucket must be made correctly and according to what the bride wants.

Below are some types of flowers that are very suitable if used as a bucket for the wedding day.

1. White Rose
Of course, you are familiar with this type of flower, right? White Rose is a symbol of true love, purity, sincerity, tenderness, purity, and humility. It is not wrong if this flower is the target of almost all brides, because the meaning contained in it really reflects the couple who are in love.

2. Daisy
Having the meaning of ‘sharing taste’, this flower is perfect for describing a married life that does have the meaning of sharing both happiness and grief, happy and difficult, sick and healthy conditions. Daisy flowers are one of the favorite flowers of the bride and groom because they are easy to find and the price is relatively economical.

3. Orchid
Orchid flowers, or commonly called orchids, are very suitable if selected to decorate the wedding supplies in the summer and in the tropics. This is because Orchid flowers withstand hot air. Conversely, this type of flower is sensitive to cold air so that it can quickly wither if the packing process for shipping is careless. These flowers are available throughout the year with different varieties.

4. Tulip
This flower that is identical to the Netherlands is a type of flower that is often found in late spring and is very suitable to be applied in a series of bridal bouquets or as part of wedding decoration. If you want to show love and passion for your partner, don’t hesitate to choose tulips. This classic and simple flower grows in various colors. Adjust to the color theme you choose on the wedding day.