Know the Five Important Facts About Account Security You Need to Know

You must have many accounts on the internet, right? in the present, the internet is indeed one of the things that are needed by many people, especially to create their work accounts . No wonder many people have many accounts on the internet for work and other things. So, the existence of two factor authentication will be needed to protect your account from various dangers from hacker attacks.

In addition, there are some facts that you should know about security for each account that you have on the internet. Some of the facts in question are

1. Cyber ?Attacks Harm Many Companies. 75% of large companies suffer from cyber attacks in the last 12 months, with an average loss of US $ 2 million per year.
This is the first reason why many people have finally decided to use multi-factor authentication for each account they have.

2. The Most Selling Credit Card Traded. Credit card information is the most commonly advertised for sale in the underground economy, reaching 18% of all goods and services.
For this reason, now multi-factor authentication has also been widely used by banks to secure the personal information of their customers. This is important because the bank knows all personal information, especially the financial part of their customers.

3. The Asia Pacific and Japan are vulnerable to attack. The Asia Pacific and Japan are the regions with the biggest web-based attacks in October-December 2009.

4. Increasingly Popular A New Platform Will Drive Attacks. When the term search iPad increases, attacks based on SEO (search engine optimization) and phishing are observed during the launch of the Apple iPad.

5. Cybercriminals steal information, not infrastructure. The theft of intellectual property is reported to be the biggest cyber loss in Singapore’s business world.

With these five reasons, there is no reason for you not to use multi-factor authentication because your account will be safe if you use the technique. This will be the maximum protection you can give to your account.

Why Some People Don’t Repaint Their House?

Paint has an important value for the beauty of a house. Imagine if a house has no color even the basic paint color. Besides not beautiful to look at, it also will not make the homeowner uncomfortable because there is nothing special from the house that he/she has. Some homeowners do not want to replace their house paint for some reason. In fact, if they replace with a new, the appearance of their home can be more beautiful and may be able to raise the selling price. They do not have to worry about finding painters that can help them to replace their house paint if they want to. They can contact the sure paint services lead-paint-removal-brisbane because they are always ready anytime.

Some reason why people do not change their house color

– The quality of the paint is good

When building a house or buy it, many people use top quality paint to coat their home. In addition, it can be useful to give color to home, paint with the best quality can make it more efficient because they do not need repainting for 3 to 5 years. High-quality paint will withstand extreme weather and water for longer periods of time than most paint. This is the right decision especially for those who do not have much time to pay attention to home.

– They do not have time to repainting home

This may be the reason used by busy people. Basically, they do not have to do it all by themselves because nowadays we can find many painters that we can trust and they work well like our painter. It is not a big deal if they pay more for painters because the results given will match the price they pay.

– They do not know what colors are suites for their house

For this problem, they can rely on the experience because they have painted and repainted more than 1000 homes and know the colors that are suitable for every type of house.

So, if you still doubt to repainting your home, just call painters and ask them to do the best thing for your home.

Get to know the Crenova XPE460 Mini Projector

Since business projectors are applied in bright spaces, screen brightness is the main concern. However, these products have poor image quality when compared to a home projector. Office projector performance itself is helped through good image brightness. You can get RM Projectors HD models on our website.

Instead, a home projector has a high level of image quality and color reproducibility. Because it is often used at night or in spaces that are not so bright, screen brightness is not a priority.

XPE460 Mini is a projector that can provide quality watch in a larger screen at home. Crenova has made improvements to the quality of LED technology on this product compared to the projectors they produced before. So it produces clearer images, similar to pictures on your laptop, TV or smartphone.

Its small size makes this projector no hassle to carry wherever you go. It is suitable for those of you who are just trying to watch through the projector at home. The projector is 20 percent brighter than an ordinary LED projector.

Steps Before Installing the AC in the House

Air conditioning (air conditioner) or air conditioning has become a major requirement in a dwelling aircon installation Singapore. Although it causes swelling of electricity usage, it seems a comfort to live is more important to most people today. No wonder the air conditioner from various trademarks is always selling well. Then, how to choose the right air conditioner so that it is comfortable to live in and electricity expenditure is not too wasteful. Check out the following tips from . Check the power and electrical installation in your home, including when the first starting occurs the AC is turned on. If the age of an electrical installation is over 10 years, you should call a more skilled electrician to check it. The electrical power needed to turn on an AC is large enough to fear overload of cables that can cause shorting.

If you have extra resources, try to remember on purchasing an AC inverter. More effective AC inverters are applied for contained areas. Or, place where there is not much movement in and outside of people. While non-inverter AC is efficient if the PK calculation and temperature settings are correct. Non-inverter air conditioners are highly recommended for rooms that are often open because the compressor works the same without any increase in wattage (power). If the space to be installed by AC has ventilation/windows, close the ventilation hole with cardboard/plastic to increase AC efficiency. Do not expose the air conditioner above the door and the length of the pipe from the indoor to outdoor unit should not exceed 15 meters.

Choose AC that has health features for the body, such as plasma filters, plasmacluster, plus master and nanoe-g. These features can prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi even though not all of these bacteria die, at least 85% of the space is sterile from bacteria and viruses. This is especially important for those of you who have small children. In addition, select AC that has a flat panel that matches the design of your space. You can also choose other features to suit your needs. Choice of type, model and brand according to your needs.

These Are Some Kitchen Furniture Makers You Need to Know

The right kitchen equipment will indeed have a good impact as well as the right results for cooking. For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose the right and proper equipment for kitchen equipment that you must have. Because, if the ingredients of the kitchen equipment are dangerous, it will also be dangerous for the food to be produced. One brand that you can trust is Wolf.

There are several ingredients for kitchen equipment that you should know well.

1. Stainless steel
Almost all kitchen tools use nonstick or stainless steel. You no longer need to struggle in
clean it up. Another advantage is that it can reduce the use of oil when frying.

2. Plastic
Plastic kitchen utensils are easy to use because they are lightweight and easy to clean. In choosing plastic tools, make sure there is a safe label for health.

3. Wood
This type of kitchen equipment is also relatively light and easy to clean. However, this material is easily exposed to fungi if it does not pay attention to cleanliness in storage.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Umrah Package

All Muslims in various parts of the world want to be able to go to the holy land. However, do you know if there are now many services that can facilitate you to go to the holy land? You only need to find an Umrah tour package and go quietly, devoted worship without having to worry about buying souvenirs for your family, because you have been escorted by the guide that you have ordered a package in your travel package. So, what are the important things to take into consideration when choosing the best this site? Here are!


You are definitely guaranteed if you choose an official travel agency. Always make sure if the bureau you have chosen is legal, which means the bureau has a permit.


Try to find out why there are bureaus that have lower prices compared to other bureaus. Because the price of the bureau package is usually relative same. If there is a cheaper bureau, there must be components that are reduced and you can get to other bureaus. Do not let if you choose a cheap bureau, but you are neglected in the holy land.


Don’t just be tempted by cheap prices. Also, consider the facilities. some inter-travel differentiation facilities that you should consider include:

* Flight Tickets – try to know in detail, and tickets that have been booked are round-trip tickets. Do not let you be stranded in the holy land cannot go home because Travel has not booked a return ticket
* Type of Airplane – Classy planes must be different in price from regular aircraft. High-priced aircraft are usually like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airlines, Garuda. Aircraft like Air Asia and Jet Asia are usually cheaper.
* Hotels – Find out the distance of the hotel to the mosque. In our opinion, a 3-star hotel is not why as long as it is close to the mosque.

Check out 4 interesting facts about telephone numbers

The phone that you have today is the forerunner of the invention of the telephone created by Antonio Meucci, where it was patented by Alexander Graham Bell. Through these devices, you can communicate with other people 1300 numbers . However, don’t forget Almon Brown Strowger who discovered the concept of a rotary dial or called directly to the destination number. In the beginning, contacting someone must be connected to the operator first. Well, thanks to the findings of Strowger who perfected the telephone, we can now have each telephone number. The concept of telephone numbers is long before Almon Strowger discovered the rotary dial concept, it turned out that the concept of using a telephone number had been thought of first by Bell’s friend, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker. For installation of business telephone numbers for you, please contact 1300 Numbers.

In 1879, Parker, who lived in Lowell, Massachusetts, had the same thought to use the telephone more easily without having to go through an operator. At that time, the city of Lowell was being hit by an outbreak of measles. Parker was worried if the operator in charge of connecting the telephone was sick. It would be difficult for a replacement operator to remember the caller’s name. For that, Parker suggested that operators remember phone numbers rather than callers’ names. The concept began in 1879.

In fact, in May 2006, the number 666 6666 was auctioned for charity, and it sold 10 million Qatari. But before that, the 8888 8888 Chinese number had already set a record as the most expensive telephone number, namely US $ 270 thousand. In the United States (US), until the 1950s, area codes were not common in telephone numbers. AT & T also proposed The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) in 1947 to make out-of-town calls easier, which was finally approved in 1951. At that time, the area code was based on population numbers. That is, the greater the population in an area, the easier the code given to make a call (rotary dial). Emergency numbers are usually popular with number 911. But in fact, not all countries impose the same emergency number. For example, in the US, 911 is their standard emergency number. Unlike Europe, which uses number 112, while England uses number 999.

How to Measure Fuel Consumption

Fuel prices continue to rise. As a result, more and more motorists are paying attention to the fuel consumption of their vehicles. Although there are many factors that can change the amount of fuel consumption of your car (for example, in a city or out of town, road conditions, tire pressure, etc.) but actually looking for this amount is not difficult. Visit our website to get de beste bensinkortene på

The fuel consumption formula is “Number of Kilometers divided by the Amount of Fuel Used”. The fuel consumption of a car is calculated from the number of kilometers divided by liters of gasoline used. If you know how far you drive and the maximum capacity of your fuel tank, you can just divide the number of kilometers by the number of liters. The result is the amount of fuel consumption of your car in kilometers per liter (km / l). However, this number is more often written as the fuel ratio, for example, “1:20”, or 20 kilometers per 1 liter of fuel.

You can do the same calculation with miles and gallons. The best time to measure your car’s fuel consumption is right after refueling.

Reset your car’s trip meter after filling gas. New model cars are usually equipped with a type of odometer which can be reset at any time to 0 (referred to as a trip meter). This odometer is usually located on the dashboard, near the speedometer or on the center screen. Near the odometer, there will usually be a button that you can push and hold to return the count to 0. Before filling up the gas, reset the odometer to 0, then note the numbers on the odometer when you need to refuel. This is the number of kilometers your vehicle has traveled since the last time it filled up with gasoline.

Your trip meter will display a “0-kilometer” number. If your car is not equipped with a trip meter, you can record the number of kilometers of your car as “Initial Travel Amount”. For example, if your car’s odometer shows 10,000 when filling gas, write “10,000”.

Record the kilometer count on the odometer before you return to refuel. Before you return to refuel, record the kilometer count on your odometer as the “Final Travel Amount”. If your car is not equipped with a trip meter, you can calculate the number of kilometers that have been taken by calculating the Number of Endings minus the Number of Early Travels. For example, if your odometer shows 10.250, you can reduce this by 10,000. This means you travel 250 kilometers with a full gas tank.

The Uses of Fuel Card: How to Choose the Best Product

If you often deal with the vehicle ride, then you know how important the fuel is. Do you always choose the high quality fuel? Where do you buy it? Nowadays, there is the best offer for your fuel need, namely the fuel card. Go to bensinkort for more info and the best option to choose from. By using the right fuel card option, you can save even more than you expect.

How to Avoid Drugs for Teenagers

Abuse of drugs (narcotics and addictive substances) can not only harm health but also mentally. People who are already addicted to drugs cannot think or do anything other than consuming these illicit goods. Drug abuse such as marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. among teenagers often starts from trial and error. However, if you are addicted it will be very difficult to treat the addiction. Therefore adolescents as a young generation hope the nation must be able to distance themselves from drugs. How do teens avoid drugs? Aside from that, if it’s the case of drugs addiction for adults who aren’t suitable with modern treatments, we recommend them to try the ayahuasca florida experience.

Here are some tips for avoiding drugs for teenagers:

1. Be Selective in association

Hang out with friends who have positive behaviors. If you get along with friends who have positive behaviors, you will be easily carried away to think and be positive too. Conversely, if you associate with friends who behave negatively, you will be easily carried away to think and behave negatively.

2. Avoid Night Wandering

Avoiding wandering the night is one way to stay away from drugs. Teenagers who are accustomed to wandering around the night are very easily tempted to make bad habits because they feel they have free time without anyone watching. This causes them to dare to try extreme things like drinking alcohol, gambling, using drugs, and so on.

3. Don’t Fight Parental Advice

Basically, every parent wants his child to be a child who has a noble character. Listen and obey parental advice. When you are used to fighting parental advice, you will tend to have the confidence to do things that are not good. This makes it easier for you to be persuaded to take actions that violate the norm including using drugs.

4. Have Positive Hobbies and Activities

Fill out adolescence that is full of enthusiasm by channeling positive hobbies, for example by sports, painting, writing, and so on. This in addition to improving skills, also limits the social environment to people who have positive ideas and creations. People who don’t have activity are easier to be invited to do negative things including using drugs.