Know the Five Important Facts About Account Security You Need to Know

You must have many accounts on the internet, right? in the present, the internet is indeed one of the things that are needed by many people, especially to create their work accounts . No wonder many people have many accounts on the internet for work and other things. So, the existence of two factor authentication will be needed to protect your account from various dangers from hacker attacks.

In addition, there are some facts that you should know about security for each account that you have on the internet. Some of the facts in question are

1. Cyber ?Attacks Harm Many Companies. 75% of large companies suffer from cyber attacks in the last 12 months, with an average loss of US $ 2 million per year.
This is the first reason why many people have finally decided to use multi-factor authentication for each account they have.

2. The Most Selling Credit Card Traded. Credit card information is the most commonly advertised for sale in the underground economy, reaching 18% of all goods and services.
For this reason, now multi-factor authentication has also been widely used by banks to secure the personal information of their customers. This is important because the bank knows all personal information, especially the financial part of their customers.

3. The Asia Pacific and Japan are vulnerable to attack. The Asia Pacific and Japan are the regions with the biggest web-based attacks in October-December 2009.

4. Increasingly Popular A New Platform Will Drive Attacks. When the term search iPad increases, attacks based on SEO (search engine optimization) and phishing are observed during the launch of the Apple iPad.

5. Cybercriminals steal information, not infrastructure. The theft of intellectual property is reported to be the biggest cyber loss in Singapore’s business world.

With these five reasons, there is no reason for you not to use multi-factor authentication because your account will be safe if you use the technique. This will be the maximum protection you can give to your account.