How to Stand & Get to Know the Grip

Initially, position the heel of your left foot straight with the ball. This left foot is silent, while the one that regulates the comfortable distance is the right foot. Usually, the distance between the legs does not exceed shoulder width. For the driver, the stick used for the drive blows, the stance is perpendicular to the target and the leg span is approximately shoulder width apart. Aside from that, you may also need to check out the popular pattaya golf course.

Correct stance allows you to use the whole body to give balance to every stick you use.

In addition to both legs, the stance technique emphasizes the head. The position of your head should not move backward or forward, nor will it be up or down. When moving in that direction, control of your punch will disappear. The head is likened to the center of the round of the punch you will make.

Know the grip

Whatever your goals for playing golf, no matter how good your game is, the results of the game always go up and down, depending on your mastery of the basics of golf.

According to Jack Nicklaus, an American golfer, accuracy cannot be replaced with anything, so he always emphasizes the importance of mastering the basics.

Accuracy begins in the hand, or rather the grip (the way the hand holds the bat). It doesn’t matter which method you choose, the clear grip is the key to good swing to score.

The following types of a grip according to Jack Nicklaus in his book Towards a Better Golf Game.


This style is also called interlocking. Use the left-hand index finger to be associated with the pinkie of the right hand. Usually used by people with small hands.


This style is also called interlocking. The right-hand little finger is placed above the left hand between the index and middle finger. The difference with the interlocking style is that there are no fingers that are interconnected, only overlapping.

Baseball / full finger

The ten fingers are placed directly on the bat.

After learning and trying out these types of grips, choose one style that suits you or the coach. Then, use the grip constantly, never replaced it. Good luck!