Get to know the Crenova XPE460 Mini Projector

Since business projectors are applied in bright spaces, screen brightness is the main concern. However, these products have poor image quality when compared to a home projector. Office projector performance itself is helped through good image brightness. You can get RM Projectors HD models on our website.

Instead, a home projector has a high level of image quality and color reproducibility. Because it is often used at night or in spaces that are not so bright, screen brightness is not a priority.

XPE460 Mini is a projector that can provide quality watch in a larger screen at home. Crenova has made improvements to the quality of LED technology on this product compared to the projectors they produced before. So it produces clearer images, similar to pictures on your laptop, TV or smartphone.

Its small size makes this projector no hassle to carry wherever you go. It is suitable for those of you who are just trying to watch through the projector at home. The projector is 20 percent brighter than an ordinary LED projector.