Drainage Types

Drainage derived from the verb ‘to drain’ which means drying or flowing water, is a terminology used to express systems related to handling the problem of excess water, both above and below the soil surface. Drainage is surface or underground water curves or channels, whether formed naturally or made by humans. When viewed, the root causes of flooding in urban areas originate from very rapid population growth due to urbanization (both seasonal and permanent migration). Population growth that is not matched by the provision of adequate urban infrastructure and facilities results in chaotic urban land use. This disorderly land use causes urban drainage problems to be very complex. This might also be due to the low level of public awareness and not caring about the problems faced by the city. To overcome this problem, you can contact hydromulching company which will also help you to fix drainage problems in the hydroseeding process.

Urban drainage is a drainage system in the city administration area and urban areas (urban) that serves to control or relieve excess surface water in residential areas that come from local rain, so as not to disturb the community and can provide benefits to human life. All matters relating to excess water in the city area can certainly cause quite complex drainage problems. With increasingly complex drainage problems in urban areas, then in planning and building water structures for urban drainage, its success depends on the ability of each planner. Thus in the work process requires collaboration with several experts in other related fields.

Studies show that on land with a good surface drainage arrangement it will increase pipe drainage distances by up to 50%, compared to land where excess water is discharged with drainage pipes without prior attempts to regulate surface drainage channels. For high effectiveness, land grading work must be done carefully. inequality in land processing and areas that have basins is where the runoff is gathered, must be eliminated with the help of soil measuring equipment.