Choosing sunglasses based on one’s face shape


If someone has a round face shape, then it is advisable to choose a round sunglasses to give the structure on the face. The frame can also be a bit thick with a highlight on the cheek. Every rule goes the same even with the



Square face/box

Choose sunglasses whose lenses are round and the frame is thin or not too thick. In addition, a wider spectacle frame helps the proportion of the face become more balanced.

Heart-shaped face

Choose glasses with oval and round frames to balance face shape, as well as reduce highlights on the forehead.

Long face

Aviator sunglasses with a thin frame can be an option. In addition, it can also wear a variety of sunglasses with a variety of unique frames, decorative and geometric.

Oval face

The choice of sunglasses can be more diverse and play with the colors. Avoid round sunglasses, and the choice of sunglasses paint-eye shape is also suitable for those who face oval.