3 Best Ways To Maintain Inventory & Manage Inventory Levels

Keeping inventory is not as simple as imagined, especially if the stock stored is very large. Usually, companies deliberately save a lot of inventory so as not to experience shortages of stock. However, storing large amounts of the stock has many consequences, such as loss, damage, expiration, and of course waste. Aside from that, check out the secured 自存倉 service near your location.

If you have a retail, wholesale or manufacturing business, you must be used to handling large amounts of stock. When storing too much inventory, you may find it difficult to identify lost items or determine the number of stock accurately. To overcome this problem, you need the right inventory management strategy. The following are some ways you can maintain inventory while managing your inventory levels.

1. Select the Right Person in Charge

Determine one of your staff act as an inventory manager. People who are responsible for inventory must really understand the ins and outs of inventory. He must be able to provide a complete inventory report, which includes the number of available stocks, incoming and outgoing stocks, depreciation, stock valuations, and others. The inventory manager is also responsible for handling inventory audits, returning goods, refilling, and so on.

2. Optimize Security in Warehouses and Shops

One of the most effective ways to maintain inventory is to increase security in your warehouse and store. This is very necessary, especially if you have a large store and a large amount of stock. Install CCTV cameras in the warehouse and corridor of your store, and put a password on your warehouse door. Give access to warehouse entry and exit only for those who are given responsibility for managing stock.

3. Give SKU Code & Barcode for each item

Giving SKU codes & barcodes to items is very important to make it easier for you to track stocks. This is done as an effort to ensure all stocks are recorded properly so as to avoid losing stock. To make it easier for you to track stocks and create barcodes, consider using a barcode system that is integrated with a barcode scanner and inventory management system.